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Winning Shenzhen Kaisa 2-1, Luneng played imperfectly but got the desired result. The team failed to win four consecutive games in the second half of the first stage of the Super League, which put a lot of pressure on the team. With this victory that is related to the championship tickets, the team was finally able to sweep away the previous haze. On the other side, Suning and Shenhua shook hands and made peace. Luneng also tied the second place Suning in the standings, so that the team might even hope to go to the Suzhou Division as second in the Dalian Division.


At the end of the first half of the first stage, Luneng ranked second in the Dalian Division due to a goal difference disadvantage, but in the second half the team failed to win four consecutive games. Fortunately, the first stage "family" The thicker team can still be ranked in the top four of the standings, but if this continues, the team may have to move away from the final second-stage championship group. Regarding the results of these four games, people have various opinions and analyzed various possible factors behind them. One of the factors that must be mentioned is the mentality of the players. In the previous four rounds of the Super League, the mentality of the Luneng players was completely different from the first stage.


Here might as well recall Luneng meritorious service coach Santrazi. The reason why Santrazi was able to lead Luneng to win the double crown was that the hard power of that team was not enough to achieve this result objectively, but on the one hand, the team did catch up with the good times that year, Dalian and Shenhua’s state was far from the best; on the other hand, Santrazi was a great motivational master. He often used the most passionate speeches in the locker room to mobilize the players’ fighting emotions. That’s why Luneng was able to repeatedly engage in key dialogues that year. To achieve the desired result. By the time the team formed in July, the team's spirit had been completely mobilized by Santrazi, and the team became more and more smooth and eventually surpassed the Liaoning team in the standings.

在这里不妨忆起鲁能功勋教练桑特拉兹。 Santrazi之所以能够带领鲁能赢得双冠王,是因为那支球队的强大力量不足以客观地实现这一目标,但是一方面,球队确实赶上了当年的好时光,大连神华的状态远非最佳。另一方面,Santrazi是一位伟大的激励大师。他经常在更衣室里用最热情的演讲来调动玩家的战斗情绪。因此,鲁能在那年能够反复进行重要对话。达到理想的效果。到了7月组建团队时,桑特拉兹已完全调动了团队精神,团队变得越来越流畅,最终在积分榜上超过了辽宁队。

The mentality of players in previous leagues has had such an impact on the team's performance. Under the situation of this year's game system, the mentality of the team has also become more apparent. The tournament system has a shorter game cycle, a more intensive schedule, and a more limited time for the team to adjust. More importantly, the competition in the Dalian Division is fierce. In many cases, the actual test is the state of the team. After losing the Chinese Super League game against Dalian, the team once again regretted losing the game against Suning, which was a fatal blow to the players' mentality. In the two games against Shenhua and Evergrande, Luneng showed obvious restraint on the court. Fortunately, at this time, the Football Association Cup is coming.


Only three days after the Football Association Cup, they will face the Chinese Super League on Wednesday. I believe that few teams are willing to use the strongest lineup in their hands to fight for this game; this is the case for Luneng, and the same is true for Luneng facing Dalian. This is especially true for other teams that have played in the FA Cup. Therefore, we have also seen that in the Football Association Cup between Luneng and Dalian, both sides used almost full substitute lineups to play this game. It can be said that the Football Association Cup is actually a game that tests the thickness of the bench, and this happens to be Luneng. The most lacking thing.


In the end, Luneng won the game 4-0. Although the FA Cup victory may not be worth mentioning in the objective environment of this season, this victory really injected Luneng into the predicament. The booster can also allow the team to prepare for the key battle with Shenzhen in a more relaxed environment. Sure enough, after the first battle with Shenzhen, Luneng showed a completely different mental outlook from the previous games. The team also achieved a 2-0 advantage in the first half. You can say that this is the activation of the team's offensive group after Gerdes entered the team, but don't forget that Gerdes also played in the previous games, but he played very awkwardly. It can be said that the victory with Dalian's Football Association Cup is a potion of resurrection for Luneng.


Looking back at that game, both sides sent a lineup dominated by young players. Although Luneng won with a big score in the end, it does not mean that Dalian's youth training is not strong. He Yupeng, Zhu Jiaxuan, and Huang Jiahui who started this game have all represented Dalian in the "Weifang Cup" in 2018. The reason why Dalian was invited to participate is because they won the 2017 U19 National Championship. At least in the 1999 age group, Dalian has top strength in China.


However, in contrast, Luneng did not fall behind in the 1999 age group. In this game, Luneng also sent Guo Tianyu, Liu Chaoyang and Zhao Jianfei three players in this age group. They are all regulars of the national name of this age group; In terms of position, there are Wang Tong and Qi Tianyu in the 1993 age group, Liu Yang in the 1995 age group, and Li Hailong and Chen Kerui who belonged to the same age group but were born in 1996. Of course, don’t forget Tian Xin, he is Luneng in 1998. Players of the Duan Echelon team once formed the "trident" of Luneng's frontcourt with Duan Liuyu and Chen Pu in "I want to go to the Olympics".


Every age has good players to add to the first team, only relying on their own youth training reserves Luneng can easily produce a good lineup to deal with the FA Cup rotation, which is currently difficult for other domestic teams to have Advantage. The abundant reserves of youth training made Luneng the last laugh in this FA Cup contest, and the victory of the FA Cup allowed Luneng players to go to the battle to win the key battle with Shenzhen. Now Luneng is heading to the Suzhou division for the championship group. There is a high probability event. This may be said to be a "butterfly effect" belonging to the youth training.


Of course, at this time, Luneng also needs to have a calm enough cognition. Although Luneng Youth Training is still in the leading position across the country, many other teams in China are not bad in youth training. For example, in the 2001 age group, the strength of Luneng and Shanghai is almost equal. In the age group of 2004 to 2006, the Luneng youth training team also suffered a lot when facing teams such as Evergrande and Yatai. The advantage of Luneng's youth training in China is gradually shrinking. As many domestic teams begin to pay more attention to youth training, this is a normal phenomenon. The improvement of the overall level of domestic youth training is a good thing, but it also needs to attract enough attention to Luneng youth training.


Finally, the youth training largely determines the lower limit that Luneng can guarantee, but when can youth training determine the upper limit for Luneng? Now we are delighted to see that a group of good young players have emerged in the Luneng Youth Training. This season, Liu Yu and Guo Tianyu have played well. However, Duan Liuyu still has a big gap in the rhythm and rationality of handling the ball. He wasted an assist of Gerdes in this game as an example; and although Guo Tianyu performed surprisingly enough this season, he was in many details of the game. The gap between Pellet and Pellet is still huge, and it is not difficult to see that after Pellet's exit, Luneng's offensive system organization actually dropped significantly. Compared with Han Peng and Zhou Haibin, who have already become the team's historical meritorious predecessors, they have to put in a lot of effort.


Will these young people become the upper limit or the lower limit in the future? It all depends on their own efforts.


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